Why do we need rituals?

Our rituals or habits are the core of who we are. We are made up of the moments in our lives - and so bringing a deep relationship with ourselves in our daily rituals is what makes a difference into the quality of our life - and ultimately the quality of our relationships and our global future. 

One word is rituals, another could be Sadhana or practice. Sadhana is a Sanskrit word used in yoga and other traditions to mean accomplishment. It’s the practices that lead us to living the ultimate reality of our lives. Anything can be your sadhana - from the way you eat, to the way you speak, to the way you sit or the way you breathe. It really speaks to using your life as a way of honouring your wellbeing. 

These rituals when done with intention is what we often also refer to as self-care. Self-care is a holistic way of understanding wellbeing which touches many areas of our lives - physical, emotional, social, professional, financial, spiritual, psychological, environmental and service. I share more about these in the workbook along with ideas of practices that you can do. 

For many of us these rituals weren’t taught to us in school or at home - how to develop a strong relationship with our inner world, our creativity, a sense of service and wellbeing. In our modern, busy world - there are so many distractions available and it’s very easy to get stressed, anxious and depressed. It’s easy to let your life be taken over running from one thing to the next - without feeling well and healthy - and bringing your dreams and the things you value the most into the world. 

The rituals and process I share here will hopefully give you a framework to honour yourself more in your daily life, and with that you honour those around you and the very earth we live on. 

For me creating a beautiful future is on our individual level, a combination of inner and outer development - so that we are healing and nurturing our inner worlds - as much as focused on what we are producing or doing with our time. 

This course is for you if:

It includes an 18 page workbook, and two guided meditations (for morning and evening)

  • You want to create a morning routine that you love

  • You want more calm and joy in your life

  • You have been meaning to start taking better care of yourself

  • You have had issues in the past sticking to the rituals you love